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Next Tasting - Friday 15th May
7.30 pm for 8pm at
Buckland Village Hall
Classic grape comparison of Old World v New World
Presented by Majestic Wine of Berkhamsted


 Presentation of wines produced by Brightwell Vineyard, Wallingford - given by Bob Nielsen - Friday 17th April
We were treated to a thoroughly enjoyable and informative presentation given by Bob Nielsen of Brightwell Vineyard.
1. Oxford Flint - fruity dry delicate wine with flinty minerality and hint of citrus.
2. Bacchus - an aromatic and fruity varietal.  Rich grape flavours with dry finish.
3. Crispin - a subtle fusion of English apple orchard flavours.
4. Oxford Rose - ripe cherry flavours leading to a strawberry flavoured finish.
5.  Oxford Regatta - a dry, medium bodied fruit full red wine with hints of cherry and damson fading to a smoky strawberry finish.
6. Pinot Noir - full of luscious summer fruit berries with a hint of spice.
7. Sparkling Chardonnay - a method Champenoise, bottle fermented sparkler. Fresh, dry and delicate with a hint of crisp apple and citrus.
8. Rush English brandy - a fine English brandy aged in oak casks with complex aromas, floral notes and lingering spice on the palate.
I know I always say this but.....that was a fantastic tasting.  Thank you so much Bob for entertaining and informing us, but especially presenting the wonderful wines of Brightwell Vineyard, Wallingford.  I'm sure that many of our Members will be beating a path to your door.

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